Real Estate and Condos in Pattaya Thailand

Thailand is a wonderful place to live. It has many beautiful beaches, mountains and parks to explore. If you are tired of the hustle bustle of the city, you can move to Pattaya. Before you can move to Pattaya, you need to purchase a condominium or nice property. Even if you don’t plan to stay in Pattaya permanently, you can invest in a real estate property. In this way, whenever you come to Thailand for a holiday, you can stay in your own property. You don’t have to check in to the local hotel and pay for the hotel room fee.

Pattaya has very limited high quality housing so the properties costs are relatively high. If you want to quickly search for suitable property you can take advantage of the online real estate agents and search via Google. Many online real estate agents have a search tool with large database of properties in Pattaya. You will be able to find the condo or house you want within a few minutes. If you need help in locating a Pattaya real estate property you can hire a local agent. The local property agent is familiar with the real estate properties available in Pattaya so he is able to give you good recommendations and cheap price. It is important that you tell the agent about your needs so that he can find a nice property that matches with your criteria. In addition you must tell the real estate agent your budget. When determining your budget you should take into considerations several factors including type of property, number of rooms, and size of property.

Under the law of Thailand, foreigners can purchase and own condominiums. Usually the condominium will have a 49% non-Thai ownership and 51% Thai ownership. There are two types of properties foreigners can own including freehold and leasehold properties. When shopping for the real estate property, the foreigners need to bring in funds into Thailand. The funds can be purchased through their local bank in foreign currency. After purchasing the funds in foreign currency, the foreign buyers must transfer it the bank account of the Thai developers. Upon receipt of the funds, the foreign buyer will receive the Foreign Exchange Certificate. The Foreign Exchange Certificate is known as Thor Tor 3 or T.T.T.3 form. The certificate proves that the holder of the account has deposited the sum of money to the local Thai developer account in foreign currency. Every major banks based in Thailand have the rights to issue the T.T.T. 3 form.

Foreigners who possess permitted residences in Thailand have the rights to buy condominiums according to the Investment Promotion Act (IPA). The permission for permanent residence is issued by the Board of Investment in Thailand. When purchasing a freehold property, the foreigner must present the passport. The foreigner also must present the certificate that is issued by the Board of Investment in Thailand. Once the quote of foreign ownership is met the foreigner will have an option to own the property.


Chiang Mai – Thailand’s Number One Entertainment Center

Located on the beautiful Ping River, 700 kilometers north-west of Bangkok, Chiang Mai is the city proving itself to be a fantastic entertainment center and rightly regarded as the ‘culture capital’ of Thailand. Chang Mai literally translates as ‘new city’ or in this case new capital, a name that reflects the growing status of this modern gem.

The beauty of Chiang Mai is that it brings together both the customs and ancient culture of its Asian heritage and the modern conveniences and needs of today’s young traveler. Thailand is a top spot for teenagers and students and Chiang Mai appears to have embraced it both willingly and competently, as the old and new elements that can be found within the city coexist perfectly.

Part of the appeal of this city is of course this heritage, culture and the beauty of the landscape. Chiang Mai has over three hundred temples within its boundaries so tourists are never short of wonders to see. The natural appeal of the area can also be experienced through the Night Safari, with its nocturnal tours and light shows involving illuminated fountains. Alternatively they can try the spas and mountain resorts for a more relaxing way to appreciate Thailand scenery and customs, or one of the many shops. Shopping is just one of the ways Chiang Mai has modernized and it now holds many high end establishments. Western influences can also be found in bars and restaurants for those less adventurous tourists craving western food.

Chiang Mai has so much to offer as an entertainment center, including a variety of bars that generally stay open until 1am and clubs that provide live music. The Playhouse Theatre on Chang Puak gives regular Thai entertainment performances, ranging from cabaret, musicals, ballet, and musical recitals and also had the benefit of its own restaurant. For those who prefer their entertainment to be free they can choose to visit the Galare. This entertainment center provides displays of national, customary dance and music with no charge. If neither option takes your fancy there is always the option of showing how it should be done at one of the many karaoke bars the city has to offer. If film is more your style, there are many cinema complexes and screenings available to you. Film Space is a great project to discover while visiting, committed to bringing film to a public audience, they hold free screenings in the open air theatre of Chiang Mai’s Art Museum with free admission.

Away from the more conventional form of entertainment in Chiang Mai, the Tapae Gate Area is the best place to find late night establishments, with many bars and clubs on. For the more adventurous explorers of the city there are clubs and parlors available that cater for a variety of needs.

Affordable Luxury Villa Rental on Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui is the third largest island in the beautiful country of Thailand. It’s a dream destination for holidaymakers with its beautiful scenery; mountainous jungles with amazing waterfalls, coastlines with exotic white sandy beaches and clear waters, and palm trees that make it a real paradise on Earth. If you’re someone who enjoys breathtaking natural views and tropical beaches then from the moment you land at Samui’s small airport you will think you’ve gone to heaven.

Scattered across the island of Koh Samui is a range of luxury villas. There are affordable luxury villas as well as high budget properties so if you hear the words ‘luxury villa’ and thinks it would out of your budget think again! With careful research online you can find an affordable luxury villa on the Island to suit anybody budget.

The villas come in all shapes and sizes, from one bedroom beachfront villas to huge 6 bedroom mansions in the mountains. Most villas will have a deck and a private pool where you can relax undisturbed for hours on end and soak up the sun. Villas are usually installed with European style fitted kitchens and western style bathing facilities.

The easiest way to reach Koh Samui is by plane on one of the regular flights from Bangkok but there are also boats from the main port in Nathon to the mainland port at Suratthani. Once on the island the transport system is very good, your package would usually include airport transfers and the whole island is connected with main roads. During your holiday you can travel around the island by bus, taxi, motorbike taxi or private hire vans and if you want to drive you there are all types of vehicles you can rent from mopeds to minibuses.

Koh Samui is the ultimate destination for those wanting to de-stress, from the moment you arrive you will feel the laid back atmosphere. You can treat yourself to a soothing traditional Thai massage and get pampered in one of the many luxury spas. If you think you need a couple of weeks to wind down get online and book yourself a couple of weeks in one of Koh Samui’s affordable luxury villas.


Enjoy Vacation – Visiting Thailand Tourist Places

Thailand, nestled in the heartland of Southeast Asia, is among the few countries where the ancient coexists with the modern in peaceful harmony. It’s a country that caters to vastly diverse sets of tourists, leaving each one with equally unforgettable memories. For the avid shopper, there are the bright shopping malls of Bangkok, for the intrepid trekker there are the mountain ranges of Mae Hong Son and for the lazy sun-soakers there are the pristine beaches of Phuket and Samui.


The Cities
The Thai capital, the starting point for a large number of tourists in Thailand, offers several fascinating destinations for wide-eyed tourists. Among any ‘must visit’ list for tourists in Bangkok, will be ‘The Grand Palace’. The palace was home to the many Kings of Siam and for many years, it also doubled as the nerve centre of Thai administration. In the complex of buildings you will find the Temple of the Emerald Buddha or Wat Phra Kaew. Considered to be among the most sacred temples of Thailand, it houses the central and most revered object of Thai culture- the Emerald Buddha.

Another city of great cultural significance is Chiang Mai, capital of the Chiang Mai province. The city is lined by many ancient and awe-inspiring Buddhist temples. A temple on top of Doi Suthep, a hill on the north-western part of the city, offers tourists a breathtaking view over the city on a clear day.

Tourists looking for remains of old Thailand will be delighted to visit Chiang Rai, where the ‘Golden triangle’, the triangle made by the borders of Burma, Laos and Thailand, is found. Yet unspoiled by the glut of tourists visiting Thailand, a quiet boat ride on the Mae Khong River might let you discover something new and extraordinary, each time.

The Islands
Phuket, Thailand’s largest island, one of the most frequented places by tourists, may have lost some of its exotic charm by the steady influx of tourists; but to the willing traveler, the destination still offers many delightful sights. Its vast span of white beaches boasts many premier, international beach resorts. And to no ones surprise, the beaches also offer its tourists several sun and surf activities. Other than the beaches, a tourist will find several visual delights such as the one-of-a-kind landscapes of Phang Nga Bay.

Koh Samui is another island with popularity comparable with Phuket. It was only in the late 1970’s that the first tourists arrived on Koh Samui. But even today, Koh Samui has retained its charm and offers its tourists white pearlescent beaches, coral reefs, exotic lagoons, picturesque water falls and a lot more.

The destinations may be many, but what a tourist in Thailand will take home is a piece of eternity, a memory of amazing, amazing Thailand.