Budget Accommodation in Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya is one of Thailand’s most popular tourist destinations. This friendly city is well known for its beautiful tropical beaches, its great restaurants and vibrant nightlife.

What many travelers don’t realize is how affordable this exotic city can be. Pattaya has a large selection of expensive 5 star hotels if you like a full service experience and a sea view. If you’re traveling on a budget, there’s lots of great accommodation at guest houses and smaller hotels that offer comfortable rooms and friendly service.

There’s a huge selection of hotel rooms in the range 500 to 1000 baht per night (about US $16 to $32 per night). Here’s a few that are recommended.

Near the Beach

If you enjoy staying close to the beach, then choose from one of the Soi (side streets) leading to Beach Road.

At the north end of Beach Road, on Soi 3, there’s Siam Guesthouse, with air-con rooms and free internet from 650 baht.

On Soi 6, the street famous for its short time bars, there’s a choice of great value guesthouses. At the Lord Nelson Guesthouse, there’s a restaurant and English style pub; rooms are available from 700 baht per night. At the newly refurbished 3 Angels Guesthouse, choose from a variety of room styles from 700 baht. For only 1000 baht per night, a beautiful room with 4 poster bed, can be yours!

On Soi 7, just south of Pattaya Klang (Central Road) the Pig & Whistle Hotel has a restaurant and traditional English Pub that serves local and imported beers. Rosie O’Grady’s Hotel has an Irish theme with bar and restaurant, also featuring local and imported beers, with rooms from 750 baht per night.

Soi Buakhao

The increasingly popular Soi Buakhao area, east of Second Road is a little further from the Beach but has a host of features to make your holiday a fun filled event. There’s every kind of entertainment here, from beer bars, go-go bars, and short-time bars, to massage parlours.

On Soi Buakhao there’s Laguna Buakhao House that has beautiful Thai style furniture; air con rooms have Wi-Fi, TV, and DVD player from 500 baht. Siam Sawasdee is a larger hotel with a range of services including restaurant and swimming pool; rooms from 720 baht per night.

Soi LK Metro, just off Soi Buakhao, is a quiet right angled street that is packed with guesthouses, bars and restaurants. There’s Armageddon Guesthouse with it’s alien sculptures, and games room with pool table; rooms from 500 baht per night. In the corner of Soi LK Metro, in a quiet location, there’s the Pasadena Lodge, with 20 beautifully furnished rooms, and four room types from 700 baht per night.

On the other side of Soi Buakhao there’s Soi Chaiyapoon, famous for Crazy Dave’s café that serves breakfast 24 hours per day, and just opposite you’ll find Neeroys that serves fish ‘n chips and a range of curries. Canterbury Tales is a guesthouse with a difference, the ground floor is a book store and café. Browse the books while you’re having your first cup of coffee; all day breakfast at 90 baht; rooms from 550 baht per night.

Benefits of Possessing a Condo in Thailand

Home to some of the most exotic locations on this planet, Thailand is a hot spot for tourists from around the globe. Cities such as Phuket, Pattaya, Bangkok and Ayutthaya are visited by millions of people every year. Tourism is a major contributor to the economic growth of this country. In addition to scenic beaches, Thailand boasts of mountainous terrains and tropical environments. The climate is pleasant throughout the year. A lot of people purchase houses and condos in this country. It is very easy to buy a condominium in Thailand. There are several companies that offer condos for sale in Thailand.

Owning a condo in this country has several advantages from a business point of view. Thailand gets visitors throughout the year. A lot of them prefer to stay in condos rather than hotels. Hence renting condos to such tourists is a highly lucrative business. Dental tourism is also quite prevalent in Thailand. Compared to other countries, dental care costs are significantly low in Thailand. The dental procedures here are accompanied by spa treatments and other relaxation methods. Hence tourists can enjoy a vacation while availing dental treatments. This has also boosted the popularity of condos for sale in Thailand among buyers.

Horseback riding, sightseeing, Ayurveda massages, bungee jumping, motor racing and spa treatments are highly popular in this country. Therefore a lot of condos are located near places which offer such activities. A good quality condominium can be bought for around 30,000 dollars. Factors such as proximity to beach, amenities and furnishing will affect their cost. The internet is a good place to find condos for sale in Thailand. Payments can also be made online. While some condos can only be rented for a particular period of time, others can be bought. Buying a condo is the better option, since it gives full ownership rights to the buyer. Those who plan to reside in the condo should consider the availability of transportation facilities and shopping malls as well.

The economy in Thailand is weak when compared to western countries. Hence the cost of living in this country is very low. However, the low cost does not affect the standard of living in any way. Most condos have facilities such as library, swimming pool, sauna, gym and spa. The population density in this country is very low. A lot of people prefer to spend their post retirement years in this country. Few places can match calmer and serene atmosphere of a beachside condo in Thailand. A lot of agencies offering condos for sale in Thailand target such retirees almost exclusively.

While purchasing a condo over the internet, one should make sure that the agency is a legitimate one. Due to the high popularity of condos, a lot of unscrupulous agencies are there who target naïve buyers. Such companies should never be used. With a patient search, reputed agencies who offer condos for sale in Thailand at reasonable prices can be found. Regardless of the purpose, buying a condo in Thailand is a very good move.

Investing in Pattaya Condos

As you all know, Thailand is a country with wonderful beaches that are visited by people not only for sunbathing but they are used for diving as well. Besides in Thailand you can see gorgeous girls dancing traditional Thai dances, wearing colorful costumes and moving their hands and fingers in a fascinating way. Moreover, Thailand is the paradise of tropical fruit and the home of a multitude of mysteries related to the invisible world of the spirits. But nowadays, Thailand in general and Pattaya especially is an opportunity for those who want to purchase a condo. This is a great opportunity especially for foreigners who come to live in Pattaya, because one of the local laws concerning foreigners restricts the right for them to own a land in the area. On the other hand it is beneficial for local people too, to get a condo, because Pattaya is situated not far from Bangkok and people living in the capital can afford to purchase a condo in Pattaya as a weekend or holiday destination.

Pattaya condos are in general located on the beach, which is a great attraction for any solar human being who can imagine that in the morning instead of having a shower in the bathroom rushes into the sea and lets his or her body caressed by friendly or rough waves. Besides Pattaya beach condos are the dream of every surf addict who must not spend a lot of time in order to reach his or her hobby destination. To continue with, luxury condos in Pattaya are destined to people who spend a lot of time in the crowd and pollution of big cities, whom are businessmen, artists or politicians and who want to relax for a weekend far from the crowd. And what can be more comforting for any tired person than to watch the sea and to daydream of its colors and mysteries, listening to the waves’ music and getting rid of stress.

Condos in Pattaya can be as well a source of business because you can purchase an old condo and you can invest in its renovation and then you can sell it at a higher price, therefore condos are as well a trading opportunity.

You can find advertisements for condos everywhere, in local newspapers or online and you can take advantages of our services as well, as our professionals can offer you the best advice concerning condo purchasing in Pattaya.

You all know that renovating a house or a condo can be big deal. But it can change into an interesting game if you ask help from our experts, who can offer you the latest information related to interior design, style and comfort.

We can let you know that the most luxurious condos are built according to the latest trends in architecture, using modern materials like glass and stainless steel, and combining them with lights and shadows and unique natural beauties. If you want a higher building you can have it and imagine that you live high up in the sky, but you have the opportunity to admire the sea and the reflection of the sunshine upon its waves. It is just wonderful!