Pattaya – The Hottest Travel Destination

International Holidays are a source of fun and joy, but choosing the right selection of destination is the tough job. There are beautiful monuments across the globe that stand as a witness to the changing times. It is advisable to book your tour package comprising of the air tickets, hotel bookings and other requirements from a reputed international travel and tour operator. You can also speak to your travel guide or visit websites to choose some of the best international holiday destinations. Websites have not only become one of the most effective mediums of these packages but they have also given the aspect of ‘global reach’ to the tour and travel companies. A bountiful land replete with green rice paddy field, heritage palaces and well known temples, modern Thailand may come as a nice surprise for the international traveler. Pattaya Tour Packages are the most popular amongst the new age generation travellers looking for fun, relax, shopping and peace of mind in a single tour.

Thailand holidays are synonymous with complete freedom to live, learn and enjoy. The region opens its secrets to those who wish to leave behind the stresses and worries of everyday life. Well known for its beaches, Pattaya is also a rich cultural heritage site and has a wealth of natural diversity. The three prominent beach destinations in Pattaya are the North Pattaya or Pattaya Neu, the Central Pattaya or Pattaya Klang and the South Pattaya or Pattaya Tai. The fine weather, the mountainous scenery, the exquisite handicrafts and the rich northern Thai culture are its highlights. Thailand is a beguiling, enchanting country that boasts of beaches, jungles, high-rise skyscrapers, markets, malls, cinemas and restaurants. Also with cheap domestic flight tickets booking available on the internet travel within other cities of Thailand is not a major challenge.

Pattaya tour packages with its magnificent beaches allure and charm offers every visitor a perfect mix of quaintness and joie de vivre. There are a lot of islands in and around Pattaya that are worth visiting for their amazingly calm and fine beaches. There are also a wide range of recreational activities such as boat paddling, bi-cycling other than the large stretches of beautiful gardens. The country of Thailand is known for its prominent hospitality, sacred temple, and breathtaking natural beauty. The cheap domestic flight tickets booking and reduction in Visa charges have boosted outbound travel to Thailand from India this year. There are several websites offering services of planning your trip in an efficient and effective manner. The airlines as well as the online flight booking service provider offers lucrative schemes to attract the travellers of the air route.


Pattaya Thailand Travel Guide

The town of Pattaya is located just an hour from the Bangkok International Airport and is a popular weekend getaway for residents of the capital city. The lively, fun, and exciting town offers tropical beaches, some family-friendly activities, and value shopping. Dining options are inexpensive, plentiful and feature some of the best Thai fusion food in the country. Hotel prices and packages vary depending on the budget and the exquisite beachfront destination never tires in attractions and sightseeing opportunities.

Some of the more popular activities available in the seaside town of Pattaya vary from parasailing in the bay, deep sea fishing, elephant riding, strolling through tropical gardens, and tai chi on the beach. The area is full of adventure activities that can be self-guided or accompanied by a trusty and informative tour guide. Pattaya is known for its diving options and is one of the oldest areas in all of Asia for Scuba diving. The diving season runs year-round and the water temperature is perfect for this activity. Diving centers and companies boast offices along the waterfront as well as Walking Street and feature certifications and classes for diving students. The rich marine life and coral that surround the reefs make the area one of the most scenic diving places in the world.

For a little less adventure, tourists may witness beautiful sunsets along the outskirts of the city or relax at a day spa or beauty treatment center. Horseback riding can be enjoyed at one of the area’s stables such as the Horseshoe Point Riding Academy. There is also a polo club that lies at the edge of Pattaya and is often frequented by members of the Thai royal family.

Travelers longing to spend the day touring other areas near and around Pattaya have their choice of day trip options to choose from. Visits to area temples, the Sri Racha Tiger Zoo, or the Elephant Village can all be arranged. Motor coach buses pick tourists up at their hotels and transport them to the various destinations. Most day trips last all morning, all afternoon, or both. In some cases, lunch and a light snack may be provided. The highly sought after Elephant Village day trip allows guests to witness a large elephant show featuring the world’s most majestic animals.

Shopping in Pattaya offers a unique experience and includes trips to shops, boutiques, and smaller scale open air markets. Fashionable boutiques provide silk garments, gemstones, and jewelry that tourists can, at times obtain a good deal on. Shops in the area also sell unique paintings, handicrafts, and plenty of souvenirs.

Gourmet Thai cuisine can be found throughout Pattaya. Depending on the palate, visitors can sink their teeth into genuine Thai dishes or a fusion of flavors that combine Thai with German, Russian, Mexican, Korean, or even Indian fare. Many of the gourmet restaurants are found in the heart of Pattaya while the resorts also offer four and five star quality meals.

When the sun goes down in Pattaya, the nightlife comes alive. Known internationally as the naughtiest city in the world, Pattaya offers entertainment for the tame or raucous at heart. North Pattaya’s nightlife is quieter than many of the other locations throughout the city. Restaurants, bars, and pubs are scattered throughout the area and provide casual drink and dining atmospheres to topless go-go girl venues. Taking a walk down the Pattaya Bay Promenade after hours offers a colorful display of the people and culture of Thailand. Many tourists are accosted by the occasional bar girl but the sights can be interesting and picture worthy.

If it’s a wild nightlife scene or beachfront paradise you are looking for, Pattaya will meet your needs and then some. Pattaya is a great place to get away from everyday life and experience a look into Thailand like no other.


Pattaya Hotels in Thailand – Where to Find the Best

Pattaya City is one of the most visited destinations in Thailand. It’s close proximity to the capital city of Bangkok makes Pattaya the closest get away beach resort. But Pattaya is not most well known for its beaches. No, for beaches its better to take a tour outside of Pattaya for snorkeling and swimming. Pattaya is most well known for it raucous seedy nightlife that attracts men from all over the world like children to Disney Land.

Now if you are a first time visitor to Pattaya and would like to enjoy its nightlife offerings you should stay on or near Walking Street. Walking Street is jam packed with bars of every imaginable kind. You can find pool bars, go-go bars, hostess bars, beer gardens or large outdoor pubs. And in these establishment which oddly enough are owned by expats are filled with Thai women who keep company with customers. My personal advice is that you should go check out their coyote bar clubs.

Now I wouldn’t recommend Pattaya for families, but I do see vacationing Western parents covering the eyes of their little ones every time they pass by a go-go bar. So for whatever reason, if you have a family and you want to take them to Pattaya, its better off that you stay away from Walking Street and Pattaya Beach during night time. As for accommodations it would be a good idea to stay in hotels near Jomtien Beach which is due south of Pattaya Beach. I actually prefer Jomtien Beach and if I had kids I’d prefer them to play there instead.

There is another beach area where you can still be close to the heart of the nightlife in Pattaya and its called Wong Amat Beach. The hotels in Wong Amat Beach are also suitable for children and the hotels and resorts there are among some of the best.

So those are the three main locations for hotels. Now as far as pricing goes Pattaya hotels base their rates on season and location. The high season is typically from October to April, the coolest months. During the low season you can find hotel room rates slashed by at least half. I hear a lot of other hotel reviews say that hotel rates are cheaper outside of Pattaya Beach. My opinion is that hotels near Pattaya beach are worth their price in value. Because its close to the nightlife action and very convenient. I know for a fact that hotels are better priced and you get more for your money when you are closer to the nightlife action of Pattaya. Why?

Well because the area of Pattaya Beach have the most concentrations of hotels who are fighting tooth and nail for your business. So they are competing against each other which is good news for you. Also you don’t need to travel far to enjoy the nightlife. Choosing a hotel in Pattaya Thailand gives many advantages to travelers. With a low currency base and the wonderful services and accommodations, Thailand offers a vacation of a lifetime, without breaking the bank.


Pattaya: City of Ceaseless Energy

Relish the glaring nightlife and energetic culture of Pattaya City

Any diehard partygoer would know Pattaya to be the nirvana, the haven of all things good for night life. A dozen of discotheques, transvestite cabarets and karaoke bars take haven in Pattaya. Pattaya is indeed known for its fun-filled and rowdy bars and clubs but aside from the glaring neon lights and beer filled nights, there is much more to Pattaya. Many recreational sports are held in this city. The wild nights are instantly juxtaposed to sanctuaries for wild tropical animals like that of the Pattaya Crocodile Farm and Elephant Village. If you really want to make most of your Pattaya experience, unravel the pristine beauty of the place without centralizing your focus on the nightlife alone.

Pattaya’s Million Years Stone Park and Crocodile Farm is a must visit hotspot in the city. The beautifully landscaped grounds are home to grazing animals, fierce reptiles like crocodiles and rare albino bears. Animal performances are available in this park, suitable for every family or for just pure nature-loving travelers. If you still haven’t gotten hold of those fierce animals, try the Elephant Village, where you witness these giant yet peaceful creatures do tricks and entertaining performances. Take pride in witnessing in person the national symbol of Thailand, as performances include re-enactment of traditional methods and ceremonial rites with these amazing animals.

The tropical climate may not be too friendly at times, so to wear off those almost-blistering-feet due to incessant walking, cool down in Pattaya’s Park Beach Resort and Amusement Park. Located in the secluded area in Jomtien, this 240 meter resort hotel is perfect for the family or the lone traveler! Its magnificent view of the city is heightened by the ‘cable jump’ where travelers are able to feel that swift rush of adrenaline as they slide across a 170 meter line. To splash in and utilize the tropical climate as much, the Pattaya Water Park is best as it contains giant whirlpools and a swimming pool for children. The Jomtien area has a half moon beach almost 3 kilometers long. Tourists can choose any kind of accommodation suitable for them as there are many hotels, bars, restaurants and clubs within the vicinity.

Getting in touch with nature has never been so surreal in Pattaya. For those who delight in flowers, especially orchids, the Siriporn Orchid Farm is a hotspot in Pattaya that features dainty flowers such as cattleyas, vandas and pompadours. Visitors can even opt to purchase some flowers or plants, a perfect memoir from the golden city of Pattaya. Getting in touch with the most mystic area of earth, Pattaya offers a lifetime spectacle as the largest aquarium in Asia, the Underwater World Pattaya offers a 100-metre-long, 6.4-centimeter-thick Plexiglas tunnel that mirrors almost 4000 marine species. The wonders of nature are truly bursting at the seams in this underwater aquarium. Take delight with these natural attractions and feast with your pack as Pattaya also offers a myriad of restaurants and bars.

If you want to reconnect with your artistic side, well, the Bottle Art Museum is best for you. This out-of-the-box museum in Pattaya houses 300 bottles containing mini churches, temples and ships. The intricacy of such art is truly amazing, the simplicity yet arduous architecture resonating in every bottle. The bottle arts are created by the Dutch sculptor Mr. Peter Bedelais which he donated after. If you want to explore the more of city’s museums, then head to the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum, which houses 250 unique items, exhibiting all of the weird and eccentric behavior or human, including an African voodoo doll and a mask made from human skin. It may sound really scary, but this Museum is surely going to make think out of the box, a manifestation of how otherworldly the human mind is. Also a Ripley themed park, the Ripley’s Motion Master Panorama Threat, a colossal high tech experience that includes giant screen projector, dynamic full seating motion and precise digital features, this place is truly a thingamajig of the future. Lastly for Ripleys, if you just want to relax and have fun with your pack, try Ripley’s Laser Trek, the modernized paintball that includes highly computerized laser guns and vests enough to make you and your pack go sporty and competitive in a day.

If you find all of these venues a little overwhelming, and you just want to take a stroll in a park or perhaps just revel in the beauty of nature, then, the Suan Nong Nooch Tropical Garden suits you best. This beautiful landscaped tropical garden houses thousands of flora, a botanical garden, waterfalls, orchid nurseries and a cactus garden. You can also canoe on the lake, and view an elephant show. The tropical garden also has an Art Centre, which shows traditional Thai dances, martial arts and cockfighting daily. You can opt to stay overnight as there are many dainty Thai cottages available within the venue.

The list goes on and on for Pattaya, Thailand. However, do not fail to put the Mini Siam on your itinerary list should you go travelling around Pattaya. This miniature city houses more than 100 perfectly built models of important statues and monuments in Thailand. It also models temples which are included in Thailand’s sacred symbols. This city has also mini models of other famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty. Revel in intricate architecture in this little city of beauty and creativity.

Your excursion in Pattaya shall not be complete if your palates have not tasted the heavenly taste of delectable Thai food. There are many native restaurants to choose from, one just ought to choose from the many viable options. There are many food stalls in the main road of Pattaya, you can almost dine al fresco in this city. Do not forget to grab authentic Thai food to fully heighten your Thai trip. If you are craving for German, Scandinavian or just Western touch in food, you need now worry as there are many food stalls that cater to these tastes.

In Pattaya it is just a matter of choosing. Pack yourself with some handy sneakers as the soles of your shoes would surely wear off as you slowly unravel the beauty of Pattaya. Countless smiles from only the finest memories shall be plenty as you discover the lovely city of Pattaya.


Pattaya – One Of The Best Destinations In Thailand

Located on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand, Pattaya today ranks as one of the best destination, apart from the capital city, Bangkok. Among various beach resort of Thailand, this destination is the most closest to the capital city. With a combination of wide beaches, water sports, interesting attractions, sightseeing, shopping, international dining facilities as well as great hotels and resorts in Pattaya, this place have attained a position of favorable tourist destination.

Pattaya is not known only as a beach resort and for its entertainment, nightlife, and shopping, but in fact is also very popular as a conference, convention, and seminar venue for the business travelers. Other treasure troves that lie in the lap of this scenic beauty land which attract number of travelers include various festivals (Wan Lai Festival, Pattaya Festival etc.) and interesting attractions like Bottle Art Museum, Buddha Hill etc. Hence, each feature of this scenic land of Thailand has enough charm and magnificence to attract you. And to captivate the travelers in a comfortable manner, there are hordes of hotels in Pattaya that cater every budget and taste.

Pattaya also offers an excellent range of eating choices and a wide variety of things to do and see. From golf and horseback riding to bungee jumping, karting and shooting to a wide variety of water sports such as scuba diving, jet-skiing, sailing, water skiing, windsurfing and kite surfing, to lot more can be enjoyed and get involved in at Pattaya.

And apart from these enthralling activities, there is also a wonderful dining opportunities in the city. The range of food available here is as diverse as the people who flock here. From curbside cuisine and greasy burgers to five-star gourmet, and from schnitzel, falafels and kebabs, to British pub grub, homely Italian pasta and fresh seafood, everything can be found in most of the city’s assorted restaurants. However, the true color of this dynamic destination of Thailand comes alive in the evening. Besides these the city is internationally famed for its dazzling nightlife scene especially for its go-go and beer bars. So, even the nightlife in Pattaya gives you a gamut of recreational means to have a blast.

Setting a perfect example of quality and great hospitality, hotels in Pattaya cater your every need with ease and give you moments to rediscover the treasures of life. Besides different kinds of hotels located in various areas, which include business and budget hotels as well as luxurious resorts, the beach hotels of this city has special significance. Pattaya Beach’s hotels come in all shapes and sizes, from budget favorites short on frills to five-star luxury resorts that spoil you.